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REO Property Deal of the Week
5011 NW 19th Street, Oklahoma City $92,500
Oklahoma Real Estat Training Mentorships REO Property Needs a little TLC, This property is in good physical shape. The decor is very outdated and it needs complete cosmetic upgrade. CH&a and HW appear newer. Great rehab opportunity in nice neighborhood with good comps. The right offer can make a wise investment of this one.
Partner with Other Investors in Oklahoma City
Take advantage of Partnerships with Experienced Professionals
If you think it makes sense to partner with others, then we need to talk. Partnerships can be a great way to get money, property management, or other resources that you either don't possess, or are far reaching above your capabilities. For example: If you are a a local investor with money to invest, but little experience, you can partner with experienced investors to save you from costly mistakes. If you are an out of stat investor, you can partner with local investors and property managers to help ensure that your properties are well cared for. There are many investment opportunities in Oklahoma City, residential, multifamily, and commercial alike. Why not take the step forward and partner with others to be successful in Oklahoma City Attend our upcoming seminar for more information on local developments and partnership offers.
How WE can help YOU make money in Real Estate
Local Professionals working for YOU!!
Oklahoma Real Estae Investors News Being professional realtors and investors, we are experienced in helping clients be successful in the Oklahoma City Market. Here is what sets us apart from other realtors, investor groups, or national gurus. We are local, active professionals in Oklahoma City. We post REO's and investment property listings on our website. We preview properties as they come on the market from various REO and liquidation companies like HUD, VA, and many others. What does all this mean for YOU?? If you see a property on our website you are interested in, chances are, we have already previewed that property, looked at the neighborhood comps, estimated repairs and best use, analyzed it as an investment and and have an idea of a fair price that makes sound investment sense. This is the process for all of the properties on our website in order to point you directly to the best available deals. We know the market, we know the investments, and have built successful relationships with the other brokers and companies that sell REO's and investment property in Oklahoma City. Attend our next seminar and find out how you can become part of our nationwide investors network.
REO Property Acquisition 101
Spring/Summer Class coming Soon!
Oklahoma Real Estate Training Mentorships Learn how to buy REO's from a Realtor's perspective. If you have never bought foreclosures before, then you are in for a little education. REO's (Real Estate Owned) are properties that have been foreclosed on and are now owned by mortgage companies. These can be fantastic buys, but there are lots of tricks to the trade. Many investors do not realize that the management and liquidation of REO property is an entire business unto itself, and captures an enormous amount of the sale market for investment property. The number of foreclosures is staggering and rising every single year. So how do you cash in on these? We are offering the chance for you to work with us and learn ALL of the procedures first hand. We are offering a Spring/Summer class on REO Property Acquisition. This all day class will walk you through the entire process of buying REO property, and arm you with all the tools to act quickly when the deals arrive. We are gong to show you the process form start to finish, and help through every step of your buying process. Your training will start in the classroom but your real education will come by viewing properties, in the trenches with us as your guide. Please call or email for more information and for schedule of classes and seminars.

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Buying REO Property 101

All Day Class and Coaching Event

Schedule TBA

Classes will be scheduled as interest dictates.

This is an All Day in depth class and coaching on REO property acquisition. We will walk you through the entire process from prospecting to closing.  Learn from our experience of closing Millions of $$ worth of REO property.  Find out what to do, what not to do, and when to act to get the good deals.  The liquidation of foreclosure property in the USA is an entire business of itself.  Here is your chance to let us show you the inside track, and lead you down the path of buying REO property.  It's fast, it's furious, it's exciting, and there are some great deals to be had.  Includes outside coaching and acquisition opportunities.

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The Oklahoma real estate market is poised for greatness.  Oklahoma City has been on a journey of discovery and development for the past decade and it is starting to pay off.  You can see commercial developments all over the metro area, and news is the more major corporations are coming to Oklahoma City.  Tinker Air Force Base may be expanding in addition to future aircraft repair facilities.  It's time to buy investment property in Oklahoma City.  The timing is right to make your move, become part of our nationwide investors network, okcinvestors.com